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September 27, 2007

Hello and welcome to my site !

Specifically in light of this very course, recently I have begun to ponder the degrees in which the Internet shapes and stimulates our scholarly pursuits.  With such a potent tool at our grasp, my wonderment has led me to imagine if our generation will ever see the day that the Internet will, because it quite possibly could, eclipse the printing press as the most prominent invention ever in terms of advancing civilization, among many other fields.  For my project then, I have investigated the history of the both printing press and the Internet, proposing that the contriprintpress012.jpgprintpress012.jpgbutions of the former still outweight its predecessor in society today, outreaching the advancements of the World Wide Web at this time.  My thesis will revolve around this debate, arguing that the printing press still remains the most powerful tool ever created in advancing media, literacy, individual sovereignty, and so forth.  The printing press did spark the Reformation after all.  Simply put, the printing press expanded civilization – before it only oral histories existed – lending great credibility to the truths of the past, and capturing these stories for all of time.