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Achievements of the Printing Press

November 21, 2007

The consequences of printing:

—–> based on the Analysis of Robert Smail (cited from video at bottom of page)

– for educational purposes or for simply enjoyment

   – mass production of magazines and comics (from the 60s onwards)

– democratization of knowledge made everyone equal, and equal access to information for all

– was not restricted, ie: calling ourselves “Canadians” is due to movable print       – modern print nationalism leads to the nation state   – many social scientists claim that without the printing press Luther and Protestantism could not have taken off

– Bible being printing in different languages brought about religious differences

   – gave direct access to God, before that you had to ask someone

– economic effects of printing :

   – craftsmanship improved which led to the Industrial Revolution

   – application of standard pieces in assembly

   – skills split; paper maker, ink maker, printer, plate maker, etc.

      – this was quite close to the division of labour; increased efficiency

         – easy to see its implementations in other fields from this discovery

– environmentally friendly

– completely changed reading habits; created a mass public of readers

   – western individualism stemmed from booking reading where one would no longer need to rely on other’s opinions – one was free to form their own opinion

      – this changed our perceptions of space, time, and even of other individuals

      – the mental world shifted forever, moving forward, from this technology

Printing was the first tool that extended the human mind.