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Achievement of the Internet

November 21, 2007

Consequences of the Internet :

(Based on Park Kyu-tae’s insights)

– it is the world’s largest, integrated machine

– it is a communicational network connecting virtually all computers around the world, at equal status

– allows for the reception and┬ádelievery of messages anywhere and anytime, at virtually any place and it’s all done in real time

– has created the convergence of digital multimedia, informations and communications, impacting social activity as we know it

– it was a tool created for military purposes, but grew to establish itself and excel in the domains of government and especially in commerce

– it has expanded the world of publication with new electronic forms of media including digital bookes, digital magazines, digital newspapers, etc.

– the rate of current Internet usage in the world is approximately 20.8%, it is 70.2% in North America, and 66.5% in South Korea according to World Internet Statistics

– the Internet has now become the primary tool in quenching one’s thrist for knowedge in general leisure and in the business world

– perhaps most importantly it has created communites outside of physical realms