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November 22, 2007


I wanted to try something a little bit different – a new concept that is perhaps more cutting-edge.  In our text, online articlesare stated as being “less daring in format […] – a reflection of the formal conventions in scholarly writing” and that “although vast quantities of scholarly work appear online, the mold of that scholarship is overwhelmingly traditional” (  

So with this in mind, I came up with the idea of giving you guys, the readership, both sides of the argument and let you make the decision for yourself, enabling you to come to your own conclusions.  I have made my stance, but I have left it open to interpretation.  With your participation we can create that interactivity, or connectivity, that lacks in the scholarly fields of the online environment.  I have read that the landscape is changing, but I have yet to see this in my own studies.  This site is partly an experiment in changing that landscape.

So I urge you to participate, as it will lend to my thesis.  If you the students do respond to this site then it will authenticate that the Internet does indeed possess a positive, social experience that can, not only, incite change in fields of scholarly pursuits, but more importantly reveal a strong social presence in this online culture.  If there is no response, then I will simply continue to believe that the Internet’s purpose is for self-serving ideology, and is a more isolating experience than many of us tend to believe.