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Final Thoughts

December 4, 2007

Well, I must confess that I am saddened to write and post these words.  For even though I have argued, through both history and personal experience, as well as personal observation, that the printing press is still today the greatest invention the earth has known in terms of advancing world cultures and civilization, I had a great belief that the students of this class would come to the defence of the Internet.  The site was even designed in a fashion to facilitate participation and commentary, and yet no more than two responses were made.  This is a troubling revelation for myself as I have presented the Internet as a tool that needs to be handled with exceeding care in terms of its effects on society, due to the propensity of its use.  Yet low and behold I think I’ve created an all time low in user connectivity…  In this regard alone I feel a sense of disappointment.

However, due to the technological nature of this project I had to work closely with my electronic foe.  And it did me good.  I’ve learnt not only how to set up a blog and navigate web pages, but for a guy who previously didn’t know a mpeg from an mp3, there is a new found respect for the medium.  As someone who enjoys to write for the sheer pleasure of it I have found a new outlet.  And perhaps I will in the future find a community more eager to share my writings with. 

I never stated nor claimed to hate the Internet.  The mentality behind this project was simply to make people aware of the dangers it poses.  There are almost as many perils as there are privileges that can be associated in its charge for cultural control.  And it is up to us humans to look past the Internet’s marvel into its potential, both for the positive and the negative.  As explained in my blogs the Internet is now sculpting and re-shaping the cultural confines of our civilization, and personally I see this as a bad thing for all the reasons I’ve already argued.  Whereas the printing press has advanced civilization I see that the Internet is taking it, taking us, steps backwards.  And for that I am worried. 

So this has been my response, and I have made my voice heard over the Internet itself.  For it is not too late – let’s make the Internet an “outer-threat,” and preserve civilization from becoming tapped by endless outlets.